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Our Members



Nelly & Fo'ad Fadil

Nelly and Fo'ad Fadil with the help of Dr. Ayoub, their mother, established Waves of Equality in 2015. Nelly currently attends Lafayette College, as a Neuroscience major on the premed track. Fo'ad is currently enrolled in Atlantis Learning Center, where he has been since 2011. Fo'ad Fadil was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder in Houston, Texas 2001. They both want to establish a community where everyone is respected and treated fairly no matter their abilities.



Brendan Bauer

Brendan Bauer is a junior at Lafayette College and is a Chemical Engineering major. He is from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, and he hopes to promote the mission of Waves of Equality and establish a better community for all. He hopes that through this involvement, Waves can not only include, but completely integrate neurodivergent individuals into the community. 


Vice President

Gwen Conner

Gwen is a sophomore at Lafayette College and is a Psychology major. She is from Glastonbury, Connecticut, and she hopes to promote inclusion across lafayette campus. 



Shreya Raizada

Shreya Raizada is a junior at Lafayette College and is a Government/Law and Asian Studies double major, from New York City. When she heard about Waves she knew she had to get involved, it is something she had not worked towards prior but immediately knew it was an important mission! 



Maddy Glennon

Maddy is a sophomore Gov & Law major at Lafayette College, and she is from York, Pennsylvania. When joining Waves, she aims to facilitate conversations about neurodivergent individuals and create an environment that not only includes but integrates their functionality in the greater community.



Dexter Kennedy 

Dexter is a sophomore Psychology and Art History double major, and he is from Springfield, New Jersey. When joining Waves, he aims to drive initiative regarding accessibility on campus while also creating an integrated environment. 


Social Media & Marketing Team

Sofia Leimer

Sofia is a freshman Psychology major at Lafayette College. She is from Zurich Switzerland, and she aims to make a more inclusive environment for everyone. 

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