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Summer Gardening

July 24, 2022

After tackling COVID, Waves of Equality, and Atlantis Centers members welcome you to come help us establish our community garden! Through this workshop, we bring our community together and apply the Sunrise University training. 

Tropical Flowers & Flamingo

Spring Fling

May 11th, 2018

Waves of Equality's first annual spring fundraiser, held at Ranney School. The Spring Fling was a dance open to children at risk and those who are mainstream in order to promote inclusion so those at risk feel welcome and loved by their community. 


Summer Gala

August 10th, 2019

After a long summer of developing a curriculum with Atlantis Centers, Waves of Equality members celebrated their achievements under the sun. WE and ACI officially announced the establishment of Sunrise University. 

Floral Arrangement 2

Spring Gala

April 28th, 2019

Waves of Equality hosted its second annual spring fundraiser, this year to help ACI raise funds for Sunrise University. Sunrise is a place where adolescents at risk can continue their education at the undergraduate level. 

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